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Passion Fruit Curd in the Air Fryer


Indulge in the vibrant flavors of homemade passion fruit curd, perfectly prepared in the convenience of your air fryer. This luscious and tangy curd is a delightful spread or filling for cakes, tarts, and pastries. With just a few simple ingredients and the magic of your air fryer, you can create a velvety smooth curd bursting with tropical goodness. Let’s dive into the recipe!



  • 3 egg whites
  • 175g caster sugar
  • 1 tsp cornflour
  • 1 tsp white vinegar
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • Fresh passion fruit pulp (about 5-6 passion fruits)


1. Preheat the Air Fryer:

  • Preheat your air fryer to 130°C (265°F). This low temperature setting will gently cook the curd without scrambling the eggs.

2. Prepare the Passion Fruit Mixture:

  • In a heatproof mixing bowl, combine the egg whites, caster sugar, cornflour, white vinegar, and vanilla extract. Whisk until well combined and smooth.
  • Cut the passion fruits in half and scoop out the pulp. Strain the pulp through a fine-mesh sieve to remove the seeds, extracting as much juice as possible. Add the passion fruit juice to the egg mixture and whisk until incorporated.

3. Air Fry the Passion Fruit Curd:

  • Pour the passion fruit mixture into a heatproof dish or bowl that fits inside your air fryer basket. Place the dish in the preheated air fryer.

4. Cook the Curd:

  • Air fry the passion fruit curd at 130°C (265°F) for 40 minutes. The curd will thicken gradually as it cooks, becoming velvety smooth and luscious.

5. Check for Doneness:

  • After 40 minutes, carefully remove the dish from the air fryer and check the consistency of the curd. It should coat the back of a spoon and have a thick, custard-like texture.

6. Cool and Store:

  • Allow the passion fruit curd to cool to room temperature before transferring it to a clean, airtight jar or container. Refrigerate the curd for at least 2 hours to chill and set further.

7. Serve and Enjoy:

  • Once chilled, your homemade passion fruit curd is ready to enjoy! Spread it on toast, scones, or pancakes, or use it as a filling for cakes, tarts, and pastries. The tangy sweetness of the passion fruit adds a tropical twist to any dish.

Cook’s Tips and Variations:

  • Egg Whites: Using only egg whites in this recipe creates a lighter and fluffier curd compared to using whole eggs. Be sure to save the egg yolks for another recipe, such as homemade custard or ice cream.
  • Passion Fruit: Fresh passion fruit pulp provides the best flavor and texture for this curd. However, if fresh passion fruits are not available, you can use store-bought passion fruit juice or puree as a substitute.
  • Straining the Pulp: Straining the passion fruit pulp helps remove the seeds and any fibrous bits, resulting in a smooth and silky curd. If you prefer a more rustic texture, you can skip this step and leave the seeds in the curd.
  • Sweetness Level: Adjust the amount of caster sugar according to your taste preferences and the natural sweetness of the passion fruits. You can add more sugar for a sweeter curd or reduce the amount for a more tart flavor.
  • Storage: Homemade passion fruit curd can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. Make sure to use a clean, airtight container to maintain freshness.

With our easy-to-follow recipe, you can now enjoy the tropical flavors of passion fruit curd made right in your air fryer. Whether spread on your morning toast or used as a filling for your favorite desserts, this velvety smooth curd is sure to delight your taste buds with its tangy sweetness. So grab some fresh passion fruits and your trusty air fryer, and get ready to savor the tropical goodness of homemade passion fruit curd!