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SALAD in 5 Minutes


SALAD in 5 Minutes from a Simple BEET! It’s Just the BOMB!


Discover the ultimate salad recipe that takes just minutes to prepare, yet packs a punch of flavor and nutrition with the goodness of beets, carrots, potatoes, and more!

Looking for a quick and delicious salad recipe that will leave your taste buds tingling with delight? Say hello to the ultimate beet salad! In just 5 minutes, you can whip up this vibrant and flavorful dish using simple ingredients that are bursting with freshness and goodness. Get ready to elevate your salad game with this easy and satisfying recipe that’s sure to become a new favorite in your kitchen!


  • 500g beetroot, boiled and cubed
  • 2 carrots, boiled and cubed
  • 500g potatoes, boiled and cubed
  • 6-8 pickled cucumbers, sliced
  • 400g green peas
  • Green onion, chopped
  • Salt, to taste
  • Vegetable oil, for dressing


  1. Prepare the Vegetables: Start by boiling the beetroot, carrots, and potatoes until they are tender. Once boiled, allow them to cool before cutting them into cubes.
  2. Assemble the Salad: In a large mixing bowl, combine the cubed beetroot, carrots, and potatoes. Add the sliced pickled cucumbers, green peas, and chopped green onion.
  3. Season and Dress: Season the salad with salt according to your taste preferences. Drizzle vegetable oil over the salad and toss gently to coat all the ingredients evenly.
  4. Serve and Enjoy: Your delicious beet salad is now ready to be served! Transfer it to a serving dish and enjoy the vibrant flavors and textures of this delightful dish.

Cook’s Notes and Variations:

  • Add Some Zing: For an extra burst of flavor, you can add a squeeze of lemon juice or a splash of vinegar to the dressing.
  • Get Creative with Additions: Feel free to customize your salad by adding other ingredients such as chopped nuts, crumbled feta cheese, or dried cranberries for added texture and flavor.
  • Make it Creamy: If you prefer a creamier salad, you can mix in some mayonnaise or Greek yogurt to the dressing for a rich and creamy finish.

Keto-Friendly and Low-Carb Versions:

Keto-Friendly Version:

  • Reduce the amount of potatoes or omit them altogether to lower the carb content of the salad.
  • Use low-carb vegetables such as cauliflower or broccoli florets as substitutes for the potatoes.
  • Opt for a keto-friendly dressing made with olive oil and vinegar instead of vegetable oil.

Low-Carb Version:

  • Replace the potatoes with cauliflower or radishes to reduce the carb content of the salad.
  • Use sugar-free pickled cucumbers or omit them entirely to further lower the carb count.
  • Stick to low-carb vegetables and avoid adding high-carb ingredients like peas.


Q: Can I prepare this salad in advance? A: Yes, you can prepare the salad ingredients ahead of time and store them separately in the refrigerator. Combine them and dress the salad just before serving for optimal freshness.

Q: Can I use canned or pre-cooked vegetables for this salad? A: While fresh vegetables are recommended for the best flavor and texture, you can use canned or pre-cooked vegetables as a time-saving option. Just be sure to drain and rinse canned vegetables before adding them to the salad.

Q: Is this salad suitable for meal prep? A: Absolutely! This salad is perfect for meal prep as it can be made in advance and enjoyed throughout the week as a nutritious and satisfying meal or side dish.

With its vibrant colors, fresh flavors, and wholesome ingredients, this beet salad is a true showstopper that will impress your taste buds and leave you craving more. Whether you’re enjoying it as a light lunch, side dish, or part of a larger meal, this quick and easy recipe is guaranteed to satisfy your cravings and brighten up your day

Additional Tips and Serving Suggestions:

  • Garnish with Herbs: Add a sprinkle of fresh herbs such as parsley, dill, or cilantro to enhance the flavor and presentation of the salad.
  • Pair with Protein: Boost the protein content of the salad by adding grilled chicken, shrimp, or tofu for a more filling and nutritious meal.
  • Serve with Bread: Accompany the salad with slices of crusty bread or garlic bread for a satisfying and complete meal.
  • Make it a Meal: Turn this salad into a hearty meal by serving it on a bed of mixed greens or quinoa for added nutrients and fiber.
  • Pack for Picnics: This salad is perfect for picnics and outdoor gatherings. Pack it in a portable container and enjoy it alfresco with friends and family.

Variations for Different Occasions:

  • Holiday Twist: Add festive ingredients such as dried cranberries, toasted pecans, and crumbled goat cheese for a holiday-themed salad that’s perfect for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners.
  • Summer Refresh: During the summer months, add fresh seasonal fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, and watermelon for a refreshing and light salad that’s perfect for hot days.
  • Mediterranean Flair: Give the salad a Mediterranean twist by adding ingredients such as Kalamata olives, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, and a drizzle of balsamic glaze for a burst of Mediterranean flavors.
  • Asian Fusion: For an Asian-inspired twist, add ingredients such as edamame, sesame seeds, shredded cabbage, and a soy-ginger dressing for a flavorful and satisfying salad with an Asian flair.

With its simplicity, versatility, and vibrant flavors, this beet salad recipe is a true winner that will become a staple in your culinary repertoire. Whether you’re short on time or looking for a nutritious and delicious dish to enjoy, this quick and easy salad is sure to hit the spot. So grab your ingredients and get ready to impress your taste buds with this delightful beet salad